Be a priority. . . 
not just a patient.

Advanced Dental Technology

We don’t want to bore you with a lot of technical descriptions. But we do want you to understand that we stay on top of the latest technology, because there are many new options available that can yield better results than the way dentistry was practiced a decade or even a few years ago. Many dentists continue to practice the way they have for years, but for your benefit, we feel obligated to invest in technology that:

  • Improves results and dental health
  • Improves the patient experience and reduces anxiety
  • Has a direct health benefit to you
  • Helps us work more efficiently and controls our cost to you
  • Helps to effectively educate you

This is just some of the technology you will likely encounter on your visits to Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry:

Digital X- Rays reduce radiation exposure by 90%, allow immediate analysis, better disease detection, better quality control of images, easy attachment for insurance claims or referrals, better archival quality, and support patient’s viewing and education.

Intra-Oral Camera helps our staff see better than traditional mirrors, helps patients visualize and understand our treatment recommendations.

High Power Magnification helps Dr. Williamson see more precisely what he’s doing when removing decay, repairing damaged teeth, or performing other cosmetic dentistry or orthodontic procedures.

Electronic Charting helps us maintain more accurate and secure records, access them quickly, and easily share information with all the staff members who may be concurrently working with your chart during a visit.

Micro-Abrasion  allows us to remove stains from teeth with fine particles.This is a quiet, virtually painless procedure that produces no vibration or heat and does not harm soft mouth tissue, while improving appearance and whitening teeth.

Soft Tissue Laser aids in sculpting soft tissue at the gum line to provide better access for orthodontic banding or crowns, treatment for periodontal disease, or cosmetic improvements. The laser may provide less post-operative pain and faster healing than other treatment methods.

Latest Dental Technology Versus Best Dental Technology

Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry strives to provide the latest technology and procedures available to patients, but not until we have been scientifically convinced that the procedures and technology don’t carry longer-term risks for patients’ health. Dr. Williamson avidly follows emerging technologies in the field of dentistry, but patients may rest assured that Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry will not use a procedure on them that Dr. Williamson would not want used on himself or his family members. Unfortunately, some technologies become popular (and sometimes quite lucrative) procedures for their short-term cosmetic benefit before their long-term effect on oral health has been conclusively evaluated. Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say that we provide the best, proven technology, rather than the latest fad technology.