Be a priority. . . 
not just a patient.

Offices & Technology

Dental offices and advanced technology don’t have to feel cold! Without sacrificing the sterility of equipment or environment, we’ve worked very hard to provide relaxed surroundings that don’t create the anxiety that many people experience when they visit the dentist.

The moment you enter the door, you’ll be greeted by our receptionist and directed to relax in the adjoining room that feels more like a living room than a waiting room. You’ll soon step into a treatment room where, if left alone, you might be more likely to snooze than become anxious. Attentive staff members, using advanced technology will explore your dental health, specific needs, and requests.

The staff will be careful about sharing information with you – sharing as much or as little detail as you’d like to know about your dental health and treatment plans. And don’t worry – our staff is never so engaged in the technology that we don’t enjoy good conversation and banter with the patient!

Our offices include a separate, private financial area where we can discuss insurance and payment options for more involved courses of treatment for your privacy, comfort, and to enhance our ability to educate your about and serve your dental needs

Phone: (919) 828-3775
Fax: (919) 828-4937
Business Hours:
Monday-Thrusday 8am – 5pm
Friday hours may vary

Glenwood South/
Boylan Avenue
119 North Boylan Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27603

Free parking just steps from our front door.

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