Raleigh Dentist Dr. Robert Williamson offers Comprehensive General Dentistry and Comprehensive Family Dentistry. Sedation Dentistry, Sedation Dental Care and Cosmetic Dentistry for the Greater Raleigh, NC area.

Committed to providing the highest levels of comprehensive dentistrycosmetic dentistry, family dentistry and general dentistry, Raleigh dentist Dr. Robert Williamson attracts patients from Raleigh, locations across the state of North Carolina, and other states. No matter where you might live, this dentist in Raleigh NC is committed to helping you and your family achieve great dental health and improve your smiles.  Dr. Williamson’s use of the latest techniques for cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and sedation dentistry can help you comfortably achieve the smile you want.

From the outset, Dr. Robert Williamson DDS has centered his Raleigh dentist practice around the prevention and detection of oral health issues before they become serious problems. In their delivery of general dentistry and family dentistry services, Dr. Williamson and his staff make it a daily goal to be recognized not only as the best of all dentists in Raleigh NC, but also as the best in the Southeast and beyond. By providing comprehensive dentistry services, we strive to be the Raleigh dentist offering you the greatest convenience – by providing nearly every service you might ever need under one roof. If you’ve been reluctant to go to the dentist because of pain sensitivity or anxiety, then you’re likely to find that Dr. Williamson is the best dentist Raleigh NC has to offer. He’s gone the extra mile to get the training and experience to be a certified provider of sedation dentistry. If you’re looking for a Raleigh dentist, come visit our comfortable environment, meet our staff, see our state-of-the-art technology, and learn more about our practice.

A Different Kind of Raleigh Dentist – Also Offering Sedation Dentistry

In 2009, The NC Dental Board put into force Sedation Dentistry regulations that help to ensure patient safety in light of the growing popularity of sedation dentistry services, and more dentists becoming interested in providing that service. (Learn more about the accreditation process by reviewing our summary of Sedation Dentistry qualifications.) Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry became one of the first accredited providers of sedation dentistry in Raleigh, NC. As of June 2009, Dr. Williamson was 1 of only 6 Raleigh sedation dentistry providers who were licensed to perform limited moderate conscious sedation dentistry. (This is sometimes called oral conscious sedation dentistry.) Only 96 providers of this sedation dentistry service existed in the state of North Carolina at that time. Patients from around the state of North Carolina often travel to Raleigh to take advantage of sedation dentistry at RCCD, in addition to the other comfort factors that are carefully integrated into RCCD’s environment and delivery of services. For your comfort, we provide a waiting area and treatment rooms that were designed to help you relax both physically and mentally.

Sedation dental care can be beneficial beyond its more common use in the management of dental anxiety and pain. For example, if your dentistry needs are relatively extensive (to address an oral health issue or an extensive cosmetic treatment plan), sedation dental care is worthy of consideration. We can sometimes use sedation to achieve in a single session what might otherwise require two or three visitsSedation dental care leaves you conscious, but usually unaware of how much time has passed while we are working. Many patients are surprised to find out how much has been achieved during the visit. It is not always possible to combine procedures, and we never combine procedures if doing so would impact either the quality of your results or your oral health. Ask us whether using sedation dental care is a possible option for you to consider with your specific treatment plan. It is quite possible that sedation dental care could let you start enjoying that healthy, beautiful smile sooner than you anticipated. Learn more about sedation dentistry or see our Sedation video.

Raleigh Comprehensive Dentistry and Raleigh Cosmetic Dentistry

Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry offers you and your family a wide variety of dental services, ranging from general dental care to cosmetic dentistry services. Take advantage of our cosmetic dentistry services to achieve that bright smile you’ve been wanting. Our Raleigh cosmetic dentistry services are always provided with careful attention to promoting and preserving good oral health. Cosmetic dentistry patients may find that our sedation dentistry services are a good fit for them as well; they may be able to achieve the smile they’ve been wanting sooner than anticipated. (With sedation dentistry, we can sometimes accomplish in a single visit what might otherwise require several appointments.) Dr. Williamson’s depth of experience in providing Raleigh cosmetic dentistry services can work to your advantage. He maintains an awareness of the latest dental technology becoming available because newer methods can sometimes have a positive influence on cosmetic dentistry outcomes. Dr Williamson not only assesses the science behind each new cosmetic dentistry technology, but also the possible implications to oral health – either positive or negative. His rule of thumb is to never adopt a technology he wouldn’t be willing to use on himself and family members. That’s the same approach he uses when considering any new technology – including those used for general dentistry and comprehensive dentistry. The Raleigh cosmetic dentistry services available at our practice include teeth whiteningporcelain veneers and cosmetic bonding; dental implants; crowns and bridges; and orthodontics. View our Advanced Technology Video

Our dental treatment plans for our patients focus on comprehensive approaches using preventive, less invasive dentistry and introducing enhancements in cosmetic dentistry for a more positive dental image. What other Raleigh dentist provides the range of services and reputation that continues to bring patients back even when they move to other states. (See what patients say.)

With respect to cosmetic dentistry, an exciting option for many adults is the Invisalign system. These “removable braces” are nearly invisible while being worn and are actually more properly called aligners. While not every occurrence of misaligned teeth can be corrected with Invisalign, those people whose misalignment is less severe are usually good candidates for Invisalign. See our FAQ about Invisalign to learn more about the system.

We are proud to have been named a Preferred Provider of Invisalign in Raleigh, based on our extensive experience with using the Invisalign system. We also offer Six Month Smiles in Raleigh, which are clear braces for adult patients. Even if you’re not a good candidate for Invisalign or Six Month Smiles, we can talk to you about less visible options than the “traditional” metal braces that you may be more familiar with.

Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry provides its broad range of dental options in a professional but home-like environment that fosters comfort, confidence, and relaxation. For those who need additional assistance to relax and experience the benefit of good oral health and cosmetic dentistry, ask us how our sedation dentistry options can further enhance your comfort. Call Raleigh Dentist Dr. Robert Williamson DDS and his staff to learn more about our different kind of dentistry.

RCCD – The Raleigh, NC Dentist who brings together Cosmetic, Comprehensive, Sedation, and Implant dentistry under one roof. That’s how we differ from other dentists in Raleigh, NC. What other dentists in Raleigh, NC can offer this level of convenience in support of Family Dentistry – along with our depth of experience? RCCD – we aim to be the Raleigh NC dentist of choice. Give us a try – see how we compare to other dentists Raleigh, NC has to offer. RCCD – we’d love to become your Raleigh, NC dentist!

Wondering what Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry means to you?  The addition of comprehensive dentistry services is significant. Many Raleigh cosmetic dentistry practices (and NC cosmetic dentistry practices) focus on smile enhancement only. Our Raleigh cosmetic dentistry practice is much more – focused on overall oral health, single-provider convenience, and all family members. When you choose RCCD for cosmetic dentistry Raleigh NC – remember comprehensive cosmetic dentistry does make a difference!