A Physician Who Benefited from Veneers and Braces

I have known Dr. Williamson my entire life and have been his patient since he graduated dental school. I have complete faith in his abilities as a dentist and have recommended countless close friends to him. Dr. Williamson has not only performed all my maintenance work, but has put veneers on my upper front teeth and braces on my bottom teeth. In addition to Dr. Williamson, his staff makes a visit to the dentist an enjoyable experience. As a fellow medical professional, I respect the time, effort, and dedication Dr. Williamson puts into his practice. He truly cares about making his patients as healthy as possible.”

W. B. Hooks III, M.D

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A Patient Who Avoided Dentists Until a Crisis Occurred

On a warm June day in 2003, I was eating hot wings in a local restaurant when all of a sudden a tooth broke. No Big Deal. I knew my teeth were decaying, but I HATED the dentist… Much to my dismay, I felt the tooth was razor sharp and cutting up my gums. GREAT DAY! No choice now but to find a dentist. I already had an exposed post in the front of my mouth. It had been like this for close to four years. (I broke that tooth on wings also, I guess I never learn.) Well, I took out the phone book to find a dentist who used nitrous oxide. That’s where I found Dr. Williamson. My first visit there, I was terrified. Thankfully, the Doctor has great assistants who assured me (100 times) that everything would be okay – and thankfully, it was! Since then I’ve been back at least ten times for numerous cleanings, extractions, etc. I’ve even flown from Florida to have work done! Dr. Williamson and his staff are the only ones I trust. Thank you Dr. Williamson, thank you and your staff for all that you have done and for putting up with me in the beginning – YA’LL ROCK”

M. W. Malenfant

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A Patient Who Benefited from Our Extended Range of Services

Genuine professionalism… that’s Dr. Williamson. Root canal, wisdom teeth extraction, fillings… Dr. Williamson has been by my side for it all! Dr. Williamson’s expertise and skill, coupled with his friendly and compassionate demeanor, have made these seemingly dreaded experiences much more pleasant. Walking into an office confident that you will receive the best service and care available is one of the most comforting feelings. I can truly say that I actually enjoy going to the dentist! From the smile greeting me at the door, to the gentle banter over which magazines are the most entertaining, Dr. Williamson and his office staff provide a professional, relaxing, and enjoyable atmosphere. I have highly recommended Dr. Williamson to my friends and family, and there is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Williamson’s personal commitment to the profession is above and beyond the ‘call of duty’!”

L. W. Taylor

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A Patient Who Rarely Comments About Service

It is my pleasure to refer my friends and relatives to you for your dental services. I am glad to help people I know get the best services available. I am sending this note to you although this is a very rare thing for me to do. However, I like to see good people who offer excellent service recognized. In my experience of over 30 years and 5 states getting work done on my teeth I have been to numerous dentists. My son referred me to you and I thought I would try your services. I found it very refreshing to find a dentist who had my best interests in mind and not how much my insurance would pay. I was very satisfied with the work I had done. The combination of integrity and excellent work performance is what prompted me to write this. I would like to tell everyone how happy I am with your service.”

M. Earley, Sr.

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A Patient Who Always Feared Dentists

I’ve always been terrified of going to the dentist. When I was young, we had a dentist who hurt us. I’ve avoided taking care of my teeth all my life – even regular cleanings. For years I only went to get relief from pain, and I often just had my aching tooth pulled so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Williamson, I’ve been able to take care of some long-needed work – even before I have pain or a crumbling tooth. I can’t remember a time when he’s hurt me. He talks to me while he works, informing me of each step and what I can expect, “a pinch, some pressure, almost done”. I also appreciate that he doesn’t lecture me or try to shove a bunch of high-tech painful equipment in my mouth. I feel safe with Dr. Williamson, and I am grateful I found him!”

L. Ray

Sedation Dentistry is an option for patients who experience anxiety about a procedure or about going to the dentist in general.

A Patient Who Received Pain-Free Cleaning and Veneers

Because of past experiences in my life, going to the dentist for me has always been very traumatic. I dread even going in for a cleaning. My first experience with Dr. Williamson’s office was for a cleaning. The Hygienist that worked on me was the best ever, hands down. Very professional and no pain/discomfort whatsoever, which is a foreign concept to me. When Dr. Williamson told me that my veneers needed replacing and I needed crowns (something I already knew), he projected a confidence that made it easy for me to decide to have the work done there without “shopping around” like I planned. Again, I had a very positive, pain free experience. A lot of time was spent in helping me pick the right color for my veneers and crowns, and my temporaries were so well made that people thought that I had already had the permanent work done. I could go on for pages and pages, but the bottom line is that I love my new smile. It has made a huge difference in my confidence, and I have Dr. Williamson and his staff to thank for that!”

D. Kern

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A Patient Who Was Traumatized by the Word Cavity

I am 62 years old and have had enough experience with dental offices to know a good office when I find one. Dr. Williamson and his staff are the most friendly people I have ever met in the dental profession. I’ve never minded having my teeth cleaned and have always done so regularly; but when I would hear, the dreaded word, “cavity!” I would cringe. Until I became a mother at 31, I would cry when I got home after “the word cavity” was spoken. When any dental work, other than the routine cleaning, had to be done, I had to take a Valium before the dental appointment. Dr. Williamson entered my life just as my older teeth needed lots of attention. He took time in a calm, pleasant manner to explain in detail the steps that he would take to enable me to keep my teeth. After the second visit, I never had to take a Valium again. He is a friendly, kind, never gruff, never rushed! His staff is the same way. They go the extra mile to make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed. The staff enjoys each other and Dr. Williamson, and that tells me a lot about what kind of person he is. I never like to go to any doctor’s office where the staff is often seen bickering or unhappy! Dr. Williamson has been a dentist long enough to have lots of good experience, but has graduated so recently that he knows all the new techniques for improving the quality of teeth and prolonging the life of a tooth. Dr. Williamson is the best dentist that I have ever had, and I love his staff, too!”

N.S. Gilbert

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A Young-Adult Patient Who Required Our Broad Range of Services

I first came to Dr. Williamson’s office almost a year ago with an abscessed tooth. I inherited some dental problems from my parents and I have had major dental work done already in my young adult life. For any dental need I have, I call Dr. Williamson and his staff. They are always willing to see me quickly and at a convenient time. It is such a friendly environment and Dr. Williamson is skilled in many areas of major dental work as well as preventive services. I am treated not like a patient, but like a friend. I have referred all my friends to the practice and will continue to refer everyone I know to his office. They are amazing and I trust them with one of my most precious assets… my teeth!”

L.B. Van Landingham

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A Patient Who Benefited from A Comprehensive Restoration Plan…

I have been very pleased with a variety of services provided to me by Dr. Williamson and his staff. I visit his office on a regular basis for routine teeth cleanings and exams in order to maintain my oral health. During the past year, Dr. Williamson worked out a careful plan to extend the life of several of my teeth which had been repeatedly filled over many years. The old fillings were large and in danger of fracturing the remaining tooth which was very thin. I was glad to know the teeth could be saved by placing crowns. The process was accomplished over the period of a year making it more affordable than it would have been if the teeth all failed at the same time. I was very pleased with the results of the work which prevented worse problems from developing later. I have also benefited, after all the crown work was done, by having my other front teeth brightened by means of custom made molds of my upper and lower front teeth in order to utilize safe and very effective tooth enamel brightening agents supplied by Dr. Williamson. This has greatly improved the appearance of my teeth and as a result, I have received many compliments from friends and family. Dr. Williamson and his staff employ the latest techniques and technology, and all seem devoted to making their patients comfortable and the dental work as pleasant an experience as possible. I can recommend Dr. Williamson with great confidence based on the care he has provided to me, my wife, and our daughter.”

J.F. Gilbert

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A Patient Who Benefited from Sedation Dentistry

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Williamson and his staff. My veneers are just as I hoped and I feel much better about my smile. No pain at all either! I highly recommend them.”

C.I. Follmer

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My First Visit to Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry

My First visit to Dr. Williamson’s office was free from fear and anxiety which kept me from visiting any dentist because of a past experience I had received as a child. Psychologically I could not get past the trauma that lingered in my head until I absolutely needed dental treatment. My philosophy was ‘as long as my teeth were not bothering me, I was not going to bother them of course that thought left me when I started to endure great pain and discomfort from my teeth and gums for over a period of time. I did not realize the detrimental state my mouth was in until I became educated by Dr. Williamson and his staff about the bad effects of deteriorating oral hygiene. Dr. Williamson and the staff made my visits and treatments a smooth transition from being paralyzed with fear to enjoying the entire process which brought great comfort and gave me a terrific smile. I would not trade this experience for anything! Thank you. ”

A. Robertson

Satisfied First-Time Now Permanent Patient

After an experience a couple of years ago with a very painful prep for a crown, and having to wait a week to see an endodontist for testing to see if a root canal was necessary, I decided to try other options. (The endodontist had to remove the temporary, re-numb it, do testing, and replace the temporary – even though a root canal was not needed.)  Not normally one to fear dentists, I realized that the big chunk of broken tooth in my hand might mean another questionable case for a root canal.  Having heard about Dr. Williamson and that he could most likely do the root canal himself AND offered sedation dentistry, I decided it was time to switch. I phoned for an appointment, and was quickly accommodated. This was the most pain-free crown experience I’ve had – and I wasn’t even sedated!  Needle wasn’t painful. Drilling didn’t hurt. Prep didn’t hurt. (Even though I was EXPECTING them to, from the prior experience.) The very next day, I didn’t even need Tylenol anymore to help quiet the irritation from having the temporary crown placed. ”

A. Saunders

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