Chapel Hill Implant Dentistry

Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry provides implant dentistry for patients in Chapel Hill and other regions of the Triangle area in North Carolina. Because we offer not only implant dentistry, but also comprehensive, cosmetic, and sedation dentistry, our patients know they can come to us with any type of dental problem. We’ve built our reputation on the fact that we can serve almost any dental issue under our roof. In today’s busy lifestyle with a need for convenience and the ability to have many procedures performed simultaneously, this approach has been successful with our patients. They appreciate our extensive knowledge, services, and advanced technology and methods. Dr. Williamson’s educational background and experience in all forms of dentistry, along with the knowledgeable, helpful staff and soothing waiting room make choosing Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry an easy choice. To see why so many of our patients in Chapel Hill choose us, visit our smile gallery.

Dental Implants in the Triangle

Many of our patients make the drive from Chapel Hill to come to our office because they know we’re highly skilled and successful at implant dentistry. The advances in implant dentistry over the years have transformed the way in which patients’ teeth can be restored and reconstructed. Implants can be used to stabilize and restore a person’s smile, and help them chew and speak more confidently. They are typically better than the older alternatives of dentures or bridges, because they are more natural-feeling, more secure, and don’t sacrifice the strength of your surrounding teeth. A dental implant is a small post made of metal (titanium) and coated with a special material that allows the implant to attach to the bone. The post is surgically inserted into the jaw where the teeth are missing, and afterward the surgical area and bone need to heal for a time period. It is during this healing phase that the bone actually bonds to the titanium implant. A dental implant can be used to replace a single tooth, be the anchor point for several adjacent teeth, or act as an anchor for dentures. To be considered a candidate for implant dentistry, a patient must be in good general and oral health. Adequate bone in the jaw is needed to support the implant, and the person needs to be free of gum disease as well. At Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry, we take extensive measures to make sure that we provide our patients with enough information to decide about implant dentistry. We will be there to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Implant Dentistry for Chapel Hill

If you’ve lost a tooth due to injury or poor oral health habits, having a dental implant put in would be a good option for you to consider. When looking for an experienced, quality dentist who can perform implant dentistry, look no further than Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry, serving Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, and the rest of the Triangle.