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Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry provides a broad range of family dentistry services, including the ability to address orthodontic needs and to provide mouth guards for family members who are active in sports. For more information about the range of general and family dentistry services we provide, review our comprehensive dentistry services.

Why Family Dentistry Is So Important

  1. Maintaining good oral health begins with teaching children how to routinely care for their teeth and by demonstrating its importance through your own actions. We work with you to find ways to make good oral hygiene become part of each individual’s daily routine. This is important because new studies increasingly reveal connections between your oral health and aspects of your general health, such as dangerous heart conditions.
  2. Heredity and other health issues play an important role in your oral health. By treating your whole family, we can help make you aware of risks. More importantly, we can help you understand how to control and manage conditions before they result in serious problems. For example, studies show hereditary linkages to malformed tooth enamel and problems with secondary tooth eruption. Obesity and diabetes are conditions that can predispose family members to gum disease. By understanding the parents’ teeth (hereditary influences such as tooth size, jaw size, position of teeth), we can also begin to anticipate what might occur as children’s teeth develop and plan for optimum treatment of any problems that could begin to develop.
  3. Many families don’t have an unlimited budget for dental treatments. We evaluate your dental insurance coverage, our own payment options, and the whole family’s needs to help you work within your budget. We are glad to advise you on priorities and timing for family dentistry services – from preventive care and restorative work to cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Helping Your Family Feel at Home

Our office location was specially chosen for the homelike atmosphere it provides so that we can provide a pleasant, relaxing experience for patients of any age. Our waiting room also has a home-like appearance, and windows in treatment rooms offer views of a garden or the surrounding neighborhood. For patients who do experience dental anxiety or sensitivity, we also offer sedation dentistry services. We look forward to discussing your family dentistry needs with you!

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