Holly Springs Implant Dentistry

In Holly Springs, people know where to turn for excellent dental care. Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry provides implant dentistry, along with comprehensive, cosmetic, and sedation dentistry, for residents in the Triangle area. Our patients know this, and that’s why those who live in Holly Springs are willing to make the drive to our office in Raleigh for quality implant dental care. Having all kinds of dentistry under one roof is important to our patients, because they don’t want to have to turn to different dental practices to take care of their oral health needs. Our extensive dental services, along with Dr. Williamson’s knowledge and education, our friendly and helpful staff, and relaxing, comfortable waiting room all combine to make our patients feel right at home and no longer anxious about visiting the dentist. And for those who are still a little anxious about implant dentistry, sedation dentistry is available for almost any procedure we offer. If you’re looking for a dentist who can take care of all your oral health needs, including implant dentistry, look no further than Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Raleigh Dental Implants

Implant dentistry has been vital in restoring and reconstructing patients’ smiles. Those who are missing some or even all of their teeth can benefit from the advances in implant dentistry. No matter if a tooth has been lost from trauma or from poor oral health habits, implants can be used to stabilize, replace, or completely restore a patient’s smile and the function of their mouth. A dental implant is a small post made of titanium metal, coated with a special material that lets the implant attach to the bone. The post is surgically inserted into the jaw where the teeth are missing. After this surgery, the surgical area and bone need to heal for usually a few months, and this healing phase is when the bone actually bonds to the titanium implant. To have dental implants done, the patient needs to be in good general and oral health, with no periodontal disease and adequate bone depth to support the titanium implant. Many people prefer and will benefit from dental implants rather than fixed bridges or dentures for a few reasons: implants look and feel like natural teeth, they don’t require the surrounding teeth to be altered to support the implant as is the case with bridges, and implants are generally more secure than dentures. If you live in Holly Springs, have lost a tooth, and are considering what to do to replace it, Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry will take the time to educate you about the possibility of implant dentistry.

Implant Dentistry in Holly Springs

Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry provides Holly Springs and the rest of the Triangle area with quality dentistry. Why go through life dealing with the mess and wobbling of dentures? For more permanent tooth replacement, consider getting dental implants. Those with generally good oral health, who may have lost a tooth from injury, would be good candidates for dental implants. Come visit Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry for your implant dentistry needs.