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Invisalign Raleigh: The Solution For A Beautiful Smile

Invisalign is the 21st century answer to tooth alignment for youth & adults who want braces but don’t want the world to know. Instead of metal, Invisalign uses a clear plastic that gently aligns your teeth. There are no unsightly wires involved, and no obtrusive metal components. Nobody except you will even know you’re wearing Invisalign!

The Results Are Clear

Raleigh Comprehensive & Cosmetic Dentistry has been working with Invisalign for years, giving us the experience we need to use Invisalign for greatest effect. You deserve the fastest and most effective Invisalign in Raleigh.

When you use Invisalign, you are well on your way to a beautiful smile. You can expect results that will boost your self esteem and help you achieve the radiant teeth you deserve. Invisalign is a form of treatment that is effective but also temporarily removable – it’s comfortable and invisible.

Getting Started with Invisalign

Residents in the Raleigh area are taking control of their smiles with Invisalign braces. Before we fit you with Invisalign, our Raleigh dental team will evaluate your tooth structure and make careful plans for adjusting the positionsof your teeth. We will be able to determine what your Invisalign needs are, and then we can begin the process of creating your personal treatment plan.

We are one of the premiere providers of Invisalign in Raleigh. Call today for an appointment. Learn how our expertise with Invisalign could give you the smile of your dreams – without the downside of wearing traditional braces.