Orthodontics Raleigh

Our practice offers a variety of options for braces, including both traditional braces and “invisible braces” (Invisalign). We hope the following questions and answers will help you as you consider using our convenient Raleigh orthodontics services.

·      Don’t I have to go to an orthodontist to get braces?
No. The field of dentistry has changed significantly over the last decade. Some general dentists who have chosen to make patient convenience a priority in their practices have accordingly invested time to learn and develop expertise in other special areas of dentistry, such as orthodontics.

·      Why would I choose a general dentist over an orthodontist?

o   The convenience factor – getting Raleigh orthodontics and general dentistry services from the same provider is one consideration. Those with busy schedules enjoy the possibilities of combined visits and a limited need for dental record transfers.

o   Sensitivity to the family’s complete dental/financial situation is important to many people in managing orthodontic treatment. Because your general dentist is constantly monitoring your/your family’s oral health, the dentist can help determine ideal timing for treatment for family members of all ages (children as well as adults).

o   Long-range monitoring of oral health and tooth movement is important in determining the optimum treatment time for children. It is equally important in detecting problems that might be developing after treatment. Early detection of undesirable movement can preserve your investment in orthodontics. For example, parents may not realize that a teenager has stopped wearing a retainer after the braces were removed. The Raleigh orthodontics provider who performed the work is the one most likely to detect minor shifts in tooth positions.

o   Accessibility is another factor. In the Occupational Outlook Handbook for 2010-2010, the US BLS reports 120,200 general dentists and only 7,700 orthodontists, based on 2008 data. Fortunately for residents of Raleigh NC and surrounding areas, some general dentists have invested the necessary time to become qualified providers of Raleigh orthodontics.

·      Am I too old for braces?
No. Some adults, even ones who wore braces in younger years, are reluctant to even look into Raleigh orthodontics options. Recent orthodontic developments, particularly for those who don’t have severe misalignments, include “invisible braces.” In addition, clear braces (as well as braces in many colors) are welcome alternatives to the “traditional” metal braces. More and more adults are taking advantage of these services. By choosing a general dentist as their provider of Raleigh orthodontics, some people even feel more comfortable explaining a workplace absence – truthfully telling employers they’re going to visit the dentist, rather than the orthodontist. The long-held belief that braces are for children, not adults persists but is a myth. Braces are to correct misalignments, and misalignments can have an impact on general oral health and even general health – not just your appearance. For some adults, braces can alleviate head and neck pain that may have existed for years.

·      How do I choose a qualified general dentist for my Raleigh orthodontics needs?
One way to identify Raleigh NC dentists who provide orthodontic services is to look for those promoting comprehensive dentistry – an emerging term used by general dentists who provide a broader range of services than others. Once you’ve identified that smaller subset of Raleigh NC dentists, you should evaluate the dentist’s orthodontic experience – and not orthodontic training alone. As with all dental and medical services, experience can dramatically influence outcomes. Those general dentists with extensive orthodontic experience are also the ones most likely to make a referral to an orthodontist and/or oral surgeon for especially complex situations. Only with experience can you recognize complexities that others might overlook. For those interested in “invisible” braces, Invisalign awards Preferred Provider status to those who have substantial successful experience with the product.

If you or a family member has a need for Raleigh orthodontics, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss those needs. We hope to fulfill those needs for you, and we’re also interested in serving your long-term dental needs whether those are preventive, restorative, or cosmetic in nature.