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We invite you to tour the rooms in our gallery to see a small sample of the patient challenges that were resolved using one or more of the services offered by Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry.  Whether you need simple teeth cleanings with a whitening, or you need more extensive services, such as crowns, root canals, or dental implants and restoration, we can help you to achieve the beautiful smile you've always wanted and deserve. You'd like to know more about the procedures involved, you can visit our Cosmetic Dentistry, or Implant Dentistry pages. If the smiles and results have you convinced, then simply contact us to arrange a consultation and begin on your new smile today.


CASE 5. Chipped, Stained, and Decaying Bonding
Bonding was chipped, stained, beginning to decay around the edges
Porcelain veneers
Sam D. had bonding placed on the front of his teeth when he was a teenager. After a few years, the bonding was chipped, stained, beginning to decay around the edges, and made him not want to smile at all. He said it was hard to be on a date and be worried all the time about his teeth. After coming to our office to discuss the situation, Sam was excited about the doctor's ability to place porcelain veneers on these teeth and make him want to smile again.