Dr. Robert L. Williamson III

Patients often travel from different points in the Triangle and beyond to experience the quality of professional services offered by Raleigh Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Robert Williamson. Whether your need for a cosmetic dentist is restorative in nature or simply to improve your appearance and self-confidence, you’ll find representative examples of our work in the smile gallery.

If you’ve been hesitating in your search for a Raleigh cosmetic dentist because you’re not sure exactly what your specific needs are, you can be assured that Dr. Williamson offers a broad array of cosmetic dentistry services, ranging from teeth whitening to porcelain veneers to orthodontics and dental implants. Dr. Williamson will help you understand the options available to you to improve your smile.

More Than Pretty Pictures

When you select a Raleigh cosmetic dentist, it’s important to choose one with appropriate experience. Providing a result that looks good in pictures is only half of the job – maintaining oral health and good functioning for your teeth is critical. If you’re looking for a Raleigh cosmetic dentist, choose one, like Dr. Williamson, whose experience is such that it demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of tooth function and restoration procedures. Raleigh Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Williamson’s credentials include experience at:

  • University of California San Francisco Craniofacial Center
  • University of Southern California Orthodontic Treatment Planning
  • UNC Hospitals Craniofacial Team
  • UNC Dental School Dentofacial Deformities Team

With that type of experience, you can be assured that Dr. Williamson’s work as a Raleigh Cosmetic Dentist comes with a commitment not to compromise the function of your teeth. (See Dr. Williamson’s full credentials.)

Looks and Comfort Matter, Too

Dr. Williamson’s expertise is also based on extensive experience in all areas of cosmetic dentistry. As your Raleigh Cosmetic Dentist, he won’t recommend that you have a specific cosmetic procedure simply because it’s the only type of cosmetic work he is familiar with doing. In cosmetic dentistry, it’s often possible to use different approaches to achieve similar results. Dr. Williamson’s recommendations for you will be developed with your smile enhancement objectives and budget in mind.

People’s visions for their smiles vary tremendously from one person to the next, so there will be ample discussion to understand what you are expecting and how that can be achieved, based on the shape and condition of your teeth – not someone else’s. Your plan will also take into account other factors such as the durability of the solution (based on your normal tooth wear and tear patterns), tooth functioning, and your budget.

Raleigh Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Williamson also puts priority on your comfort while you are undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedures. He offers sedation dentistry services for that reason. In addition, sedation can sometimes allow Dr. Williamson to combine certain procedures into a single, extended appointment and achieve the results you want more efficiently and faster.

A Raleigh Cosmetic Dentist Who Helps You Weigh Your Investment

Developing a cosmetic dentistry plan for you is not something that should be taken lightly by your Raleigh Cosmetic Dentist. Dr. Williamson understands that for many people, their cosmetic dentistry plan represents a significant investment in their appearance as well as their long-term oral health, and he plans accordingly. Dr. Williamson makes it a point to stay on top of new advances in dentistry that deliver superior results, as well as ones that can help to contain costs. He and his staff can also help you to develop a reasonable plan for staging your investment in your enhanced smile. When making an investment in your smile, choose an experienced Raleigh Cosmetic Dentist. Dr. Williamson has been practicing dentistry since 1999 and holds the distinction of being a Top Dentist in America for the past six years.

Contact Raleigh Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Robert Williamson at (919) DENTIST (336-8478) to get started on your smile enhancement now.