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Six Month Smiles in Raleigh: How Soon Can You Change Your Smile?

Have you been wanting to improve your smile, but thought it would take too long and too many people would notice your braces? Raleigh Comprehensive & Cosmetic Dentistry offers a variety of solutions for improving your smile, and one of them is Six Month Smiles.

Because Six Month Smiles are clear braces, most people will never notice your braces being present. If you’re wondering how clear braces can work so quickly, compared to conventional metal braces, you should realize that a Six Month Smiles solution is really intended for patients 15 years and older who are looking for less extensive movement of the teeth. The primary focus will be on aligning teeth that most affect the smile. It’s a more conservative approach to repositioning the teeth, but one that can provide a greatly enhanced smile for many patients.

With these braces, people achieve results within six months, on average. A Six Months Smiles solution does not achieve results by tightening the braces more than traditional braces would be tightened. (In other words, don’t plan on it being a painful process that relies on moving the teeth exceptionally fast.) Your teeth will be repositioned using standard orthodontic mechanics and principles. Six Month Smiles solutions are designed to help people who have cosmetic issues that can largely be resolved by moving the front-most teeth that might have gaps or need to be straightened. It does not make significant adjustment to the bite, or deal with more serious alignment issues that would require tooth extractions.

Don’t worry about trying to figure out whether Six Month Smiles is the right solution for your smile enhancement program. Raleigh Comprehensive & Cosmetic Dentistry offers a complete range of orthodontic options for smile enhancement, including conventional braces and Invisalign. We’ll be glad to discuss the options that make the most sense for improving your smile and answer any questions you might have.

Schedule an appointment now to come in and discuss whether Six Months Smiles or some other form of braces is most appropriate for you.