Do you find yourself hiding your smile because you’re embarrassed by your teeth? Contrary to what most people think, stained teeth are rarely the result of bad dental hygiene: in fact, they are usually the simple result of eating staining foods and drinks over the years. Certain foods tend to sink into the enamel and turn it darker, leaving teeth yellowed and unsightly.

With today’s modern dental technology, you don’t have to accept your teeth as permanently discolored. You have the option of transforming your smile in just one visit with professional teeth whitening.

Into The Office For Treatment, Out With Results

Teeth whitening treatments aren’t just for Hollywood’s elite. Today’s advanced teeth whitening process makes boasting a bright smile inexpensive, fast, and painless!

Highly specialized and targeted teeth whitening bleaching treatments yield dramatic results. Following the guidance of a professional dental assistant, a specially formulated solution is placed onto the teeth. While the assistant monitors, the bleaching agent Goes to work on your teeth. Once the teeth whitening treatment has finished its work, it is removed by the dental professional, leaving teeth are instantly whiter and brighter.

Boosting The Power Of Whitening Treatments

Although many dentists offer basic teeth whitening treatments, few have the knowledge and experience with the procedure provided by Raleigh Comprehensive & Cosmetic Dentistry. Our staff has performed hundreds of whitening procedures, all with fantastic results.

Immediate Results

Our clients are often astounded by the instant and dramatic results following their teeth whitening treatment. With the teeth whitening process we use, there is no waiting to see your teeth become brighter; the stains lift instantly under the effect of our bleaching agent. You can come in a day before an important interview or event, and we can give you a noticeably brighter smile same-day. We pride ourselves on great results!

Don’t you deserve a winning smile? We would love to see you for an initial consultation and prepare a teeth whitening plan just for you.