Top Dentist in America

For nine consecutive years, Dr. Robert Williamson has been recognized as a Top Dentist in America.  This recognition comes from the Consumers’ Research Council of America and is awarded based on a point value system that allows them to compare dentists throughout the United States.

Factors Influencing Selection

Dr. Williamson has been in practice since 1999. The duration of his experience in dentistry is one of several factors that influenced his selection as a Top Dentist in America.  Other factors that influenced his selection are his education in the field of dentistry, along with continuing education; his board certification and specialties; and his membership in dental associations. To learn more about Dr. Williamson’s dental qualifications, review his profile.

About the Top Dentist Award Process

The Top Dentist in America award differs from other awards in dentistry. Other awards are sometimes based on surveys of other professionals. That approach introduces a large degree of subjectivity. The survey results tend to be based on popularity, rather than performance and activity in the field of dentistry. In surveys of professionals, voting by very large practices and dental referral networks can skew the results against smaller practices. No award system can be 100% accurate, but the Top Dentist award uses a point value system to try to remove as much subjective bias as possible. In addition, no individuals, corporations, or associations can make contributions (for advertising, sponsorships, or general donations) to the Consumers’ Research Council of America in order to influence selection of a dentist as a Top Dentist.

What the Top Dentist Award Means to Patients

Dr. Williamson and other dentists are re-evaluated annually for the Top Dentist award by the Consumers’ Research Council of America. This provides prospective patients the assurance that the evaluation remains accurate and can be relied upon as a tool for selecting a qualified local professional to service their dental needs..

Other Recognition by the State of North Carolina

Dr. Williamson and Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry (RCCD) have once again received the SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program) award from the North Carolina Department of Labor. The award recognizes small- to medium-sized businesses that have put in place and maintain good safety programs with the assistance of professional safety and health mentors from NCDOL. RCCD is one of only two medical or dentist practices in the state to receive this community recognition award, based on its “above and beyond” emphasis on safety and health.