The Benefits Of Straight Teeth

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The benefits of straight teeth are far beyond a beautiful looking smile. According to the American Dental Association, having straight teeth can significantly improve your overall health.

When your teeth are crooked, your gums are more susceptible to collecting harmful bacteria that can lead to many health complications, such as gum disease and periodontitis.

Along with boosting your self esteem, a straightened smile strengthens tooth enamel, protects and prevents tooth injuries, and can even alleviate neck and head pains.

All the Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Teeth are easier to clean:

Crowded teeth make it harder for you to floss and brush appropriately in between them which leads to plaque buildup and tooth decay.

Healthier gums:

Overly gapped or crowded teeth can cause gums to swell, a clear sign of periodontal disease. Straight teeth allow the gums to fit more securely around them, creating a strong defense against any kind of gum disease and periodontal problems.

Preventing abnormal tooth wear:

When bottom teeth are too crowded and overlapped with each other, it can cause one or more of them to jut out and rub against the upper teeth. This can lead to problems in your chewing function, causing your tooth enamel to wear out faster.

Less risk of tooth injury:

In the case of an accident, crowded and protruding teeth have greater chances to be damaged.

Less headaches and neck pain:

Crooked teeth put greater stress on the gums and the bone supporting the teeth. This leads to uneven wear due to bad bites as well as headaches, neck, or face pain due to untreated jaw misalignment.

Improved overall health:

Uneven teeth can lead to a greater chance of contracting gum disease and tooth decay. The bacteria that accumulates in between crooked teeth causing said diseases, can also lead to mouth sores or even tooth loss.

ADA studies have proven that oral infections caused by an overload of bacteria can lead to more serious ailments that affect your overall health and put you at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and pneumonia.

Improved self esteem:

Being healthy involves the state of your body and mental health. Having straight teeth will cause you to smile more and make you feel more confident, improve your self esteem and even lower your stress levels.


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